140 Year of School Successs

Daniel Katz provides a nicely fact-filled picture of American schools have, in fact, been succeeding.

140 Years of School Success

The Science of Common Core

Forbes ran this outstanding piece by Alice G. Walton laying out clearly some of the developmental objections to the Common Core.

The Science of Common Core

Four Common Core Flim Flams

Carol Burris is a well-respected principal who was an early fan of the Common Core, but who has become one of their most outspoken critics. She often appears on Valerie Strauss’s Washington Post blog, but here is one of her best– four clear and direct points on which the Core is trying to snooker the public.

Four Common Core flimflams

What’s Wrong with CCSS ELA Standards?

Daniel Katz, PhD, presents a clear but specific explanation of how the ELA standards are set up in direct conflict with what we know about how to instill love of reading.

Dear Common Core English Standards: Can we Talk?

Fact Checking Campbell Brown

Former news reporter Campbell Brown is now the face of the latest lawsuit against teacher tenure (this one in New York State). A teacher-researcher has done some fact-checking on Brown’s argument, and lays it out here, simply and directly.

Fact Checking Campbell Brown

Dissecting Reforminess in Action

This piece is a bit wonky and detail-laden, but it provides a specific case study of how the reformy message was pushed for a district (Philadelphia) and how the messaging matched the actual situation on the ground. Charts, graphs, numbers– but if you want to see an example of exactly how this pretends to work and why it actually doesn’t, this will do nicely.

Debunking Reformy Messaging (from School Finance 101)

Teaching Children To Hate Reading

Nancy Bailey looks at how the pressure to make children more “ready” for school, sooner, pushes teachers into programs that kill the spark. If you’re looking for an answer to “What could be wrong with programs to make sure students are ready for kindergarten,” this is a good place to start.

Setting Children up To Hate Reading