Why Opting Out of Tests Makes Sense

It is hard to really capture the story of how we ended up with a system so completely devoted to overtesting students with such dire intensity for such dreadful purposes. And the arguments about choosing not to take the test are pretty heated and full of emotional baggage. This piece does a great job of explaining what the fuss is, how it came to be, and why opting out is the right side of the fuss to take.

Edusanity: Why We Chose To Opt Out


Why “reformy”?

As you work your way into the education blogosphere, you may notice the term “reformy” turning up frequently. The reasoning behind that term underlines an important point about what the so-called reformers are, and what they are not.

Why “reformy”?

Critical Questions for Public Ed’s Future

Although this article starts by questioning the possible life and future of public education, what writer and 30-year classroom vet Nancy Flanagan actually does here is lay out some of the essential questions of public ed. Traditional schools or 21st tech-based ed delivery? Private or public? Equity or meritocracy?

In a complex issue such as the fight for American public education, it can be helpful to clearly identify some of the big questions that we’re wrestling with. This article is a good place to start sorting out some of the major policy issues underlying the struggle.

Seven Points of Argument, Leverage, and Change


Ten Things To Tell Your Legislator

Education policy is in the hands of politicians. That’s a fact of the American landscape. But when approaching pols, teachers and concerned parents often are unsure of exactly what to say. Last year, 30-year classroom vet Nancy Flanagan created a simple list of ten things that legislators should know and do when making education policy. It’s a simple clear list, suitable for handing the policymaker of your choice, and it has the added virtue of not simply being built on either an attack or the assumption that all politicos are jerks.

If you want to talk to a policymaker and you’re not sure where to start, this is a great list:

Ten Things Legislators Should Know and Do When Making Education Policy