Charter Schools vs. Democracy

Occasionally, fans of reform are pretty clear and direct about what they want. Here’s one such example. Reed Hastings is a heavy investor in one charter chain, and at the California Charter Schools Association annual conference, he delivered a keynote address in which he was quite clear about what’s wrong with schools– it’s that whole democratically elected school board thing that has to go.

Read and hear more of what this charter leader (and gazzillionaire head of netflix) thinks needs to be done with US schools.

How Do Charter Schools Work

Charter schools have been a growing feature of the reformy landscape. Both the Bush and Obama administration have promoted charter schools, and they are a darling of many reformers.

This post from the blog Seattle Education lays out the basic differences between charter and pubic schools as well as addressing many of the myths surrounding them, including these:

Myth #1: Charter schools have this incredible and truly unbelievable success rate at graduating students on time.

Myth #2: Charter Schools do not take funding away from public schools.

 Myth #3: Charter schools are public schools 

 Myth #4: Non-profit charter schools are OK, for-profit charter schools are not. 

 Myth #5: Charter schools are better than public school in terms of student performance