Ten Claims Teachers Should Be Able To Answer

Here’s a handy list of things people keep saying about schools, and the simple questions that you can use for response.

Ten Reform Claims That Teachers Should Know How To Challenge

What Exactly Do You Object To?

Tired of this question? Here’s a clear, complete, and specific answer to the “what exactly is objectionable about the ELA standards” question, from somebody who knows his way around standards and testing.

I’ll Be Happy To Tell You What I Don’t Like


How Bill Gates Did It

This piece of investigative reporting from the Washington Post’s Lyndsey Layton may be one of the most important pieces written in quite a while. Here is a simple straightforward narrative of how Bill Gates became the father of Common Core and its attendant complex of “reforms.”

How Bill Gates Pulled Off the Swift Common Core Revolution


Education, Inc

A good overview of how Presidential proclamations and business interests have fed the reformy beast. Lots of links to other sources, so this can be a good place to start reading.

Overview of the Issues


CCSS: Curriculum or Not?

One of the constantly-debated issues of the Common Core is the argument about whether it constitutes a national curriculum, or if it’s only standards, which are totes different, dude. In this post from my other blog, I try to lay out an explanation of what the Common Core have to do with curriculum, and whether its defenders have a point or not.

Curmudgucation: Curriculum or Standards?


A Quick Guide To Test Terminology

Anya Kamenetz has produced a nice clean, clear article outlying some of the basic terminology of testing. If you’d like a clear, understandable explanation of terms like formative, summative and validity, this link is for you.

What Are Education Tests For, Anyway?


Toxic Culture of Education

This TED talk from a Florida high school math teacher puts together all the pieces of the big picture while showing how it looks on the ground. A great talk about what’s going on to share with folks who like to hear and see rather than read– plus is it’s clear, direct and easy to grasp even for a layperson.