Who Is Diane Ravitch

In the world of school reform and the debate surrounding it, there are certain names that are going to crop up from time to time to time, so part of our work here at RPE101 will be to introduce the players so that you can keep your scorecard up to date. Let’s start with one of the biggest names in the pro-public education side.

If you are a regular reader of Curmudgucation, you probably know who Diane Ravitch is. But you would be surprised how many people do not, and do not know what the big deal is. Let me draw the broad outline.

When the current wave of school reform was starting, Ravitch was there helping it take shape. But then a few years went by, and something happened.

Ravitch looked at the reforms she had championed, and she concluded that they weren’t helping. They were making the school world worse.

Ravitch did two extraordinary things. She recognized that the actual events on the ground were proving her wrong. And then she said so.

Read the rest of the profile here.

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